Friday, May 18, 2012

I really have very little to write about today. Delayed my morning by doing my bi- weekly coupon building for shopping on Sat. Have to many things going on this weekend. Thrilled that the Price Chopper has trippled coupons....I should save a ton. paying off the summer vacation and I have absolutely got to get my registration and funds into the Reunion or my friend Ms. Mary will kill me. Had scheduled a Partylite party for last night. Did have a handful of friends interested who couldn't seem to make it. Decided to CA, then decided to do it anyways. Two dear Friends joined me and I just may be able to get either FREE or deep discounted items. I have my heart set on two tower lanterns. Although the two together cost $180- so if no sales no towers for me. So money has been accounted for the week. That extra four hours I did last week really bumped up my pay...well no so much but it sure looked nice. When your expecting one thing as you do every week and even when it's only by a few dollars once it hits the next degree digit in the 100's it simply looks nice. If I havent mentioned it....I got 50 Shades of Grey for mothers day...from hubby of course not the kids. Almost done and can I just say, even I blushed at this book and I am far from prude in the sexual department. Anyways i am almost done and need to pass it to others who need a little spice in the bedroom department...or at least so they can join in at the h2O cooler at work. TTFN, It's Ladies night tonight and I am psyched. Just five little hours and the work week will be done and then "WHOOO LEETTT THHHE DOOOGGSS OUT?"

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