Tuesday, May 22, 2012

 The baby Birds.
WOW the weekend was BUSY and I realize that I can't "hang" like I used to. Girls night was great. As always we enjoyed each others company. I ate WAY to much and perhaps still paying for it three days later. My stomach has not been the same since. I finnished the book 50 Shades of Grey, and although it ended with a big "Now you Have to read book #2" I really have no burning desire to do that. Honestly there was really WAY to much sex in the book and it took a whole 400+ pages for me to get to the answer only to be left hanging for book #2.....I'm disappointed actually.....oh who am I fooling? I'll be reading the next one soon enough. Tripple coupons paid off and I saved $107- on my grocery bill. Horray for me. Disappointed, Price Choppper used to grant 10 cents off a gallon of gas for every $50- you spent, now it's $100- at total...so I only save a dime. Still $107 savings is $107 savings. Hubby filled thegas tank for me so i actually saved $64- (heck with my dine off). Saturday we got the pool from green to blue....Horray again. It's still cloudy and my hubby's pump fix has left that machine making some serious noise...but it's working. Firmed up summer vacation and at this point, we have a place to sleep every night. Now we just need the park tickets and to pack. Save about $100- after some research and using the hubbies PEF discount. Saturday evening was spent with old friends and fun. I was out past 2am...shame on me. By Sunday I was under recoup mode, and enjoyed a lazy day of paper reading, naping and watching the tube. I deep cleaned yesterday enjoyed dinner with the kids and my mom, and here we are...back to work. OH MY!!!! My stomach is stll bothering me, thought about calling in....honestly I am still not feeling as well as I should, but I have too much to do. Guess it's a good thing the bathrooms are directly accross from my office. This be my life. Have not yet heard from the IRS for my son's FA, nor have I heard about my licensure application. Hopefully I will have an answer today. Well it's time to get moving....Have a GREAT Tuesday. Here is a shot of my rent free renters. The robin babies.

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