Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Here and now...

I really need to simply trust in the powers that be. When I think of all the million and one things that I FREAK about...and they fall into place, it makes me believe that somehow someway things always seem to work themselves out. No this is certainly not the end to my obsessing, but maybe it can at least bring my over worked brain into some (just a little) calm. After my yuck feelings yesterday, I did end up with a fairly satisfying day. Work went smooth, enjoyed a little of my new book after work, got things together for the theater, enjoyed a nice evening with my good friend Mary and a show. (last one of the series...just couldn't bring myself to pay for yet another year despite the enjoyment.) Came home and the pool pump was on and working. Chalk one up to the AMAZING hubby. (still some kinks to iron out because it makes way to much noise). Stepped on the scale this am and I am down two pounds from yesterday. I can't imagine why after all I had Micky D's for dinner and an ice cream while strolling down town. Only thing I can think of is that I was walking and perhaps that was just enough to burn off whatever I had ate. Pay day is tomorrow and I can happily say that I still have some money in the bank, and not just a couple of bucks either. Hubby reports that he has also ordered an IRS return for the financial aid stuff, and I have completed the additional needed paperwork. No demands today....hooray! I do have to work late this afternoon, but that is money in my pocket and credits to my certification so it's no big deal, after that it is a NON-hurry up and get somewhere, do something evening. I can perhaps ride my new bike that I have only had the opportunity to do twice since I got it. I can peacefully enjoy my new book, and perhaps if we are lucky a little alone time with the man I love. Life can be simple, I can allow myself to "let go" and I can enjoy the moments as they present themselves. If I simply trust in the powers above and accept that I am where I am suppose to be today then somehow it will all be just as it is meant to be. Relishing in the here in now today, embracing in the trust that this too will be exactly what I need in this moment.

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