Wednesday, September 9, 2009

new day...

So we all made it through day #1 of school. My older kids reported..."they were board" my youngest was not quite impressed either....he was much more excited and active yesterday morning...this am he is back to his old morning grouch! Well at least yesterday i caught a bit of his get up an go! yesterday my gfs and I started a new tradition..yes we all have kids who have started school yrs ago...but the tradition started yesterday. We have decided that we must have a celebrational luncheon for the first day of school! We all met out for a nice lunch CHILD free and enjoyed each others company ...again CHILD freeeeee!!!!! (Well Maddy was there buts she is like 7 months old and didn't make a peep)It was great to see everyone and enjoy the time to catch up and not feel presured to get things done....So we have decided that we are going to do this ever year!!!!Plan to spend today cleaning. My youngest has always had the bedroom on the end of the hall, but expressed he wanted to be closer to my oldest agreed to switch rooms with him....let the dig out current they have been sleeping on matresses on the floor...better get moving on this. I would really like to take the time to paint..but that may have to wait...I am horrific with paint choices and i'm really not a good painter.....but I can at least get them in a bed...and start organizing. So carpet cleaning, bed moving and reorganizing...let the games begin. i did promice mary that would make it to the gym this am....well....we shall see....had my last dinner with my parents before the trip to London. My mom seemed excited...Dad...not so much he just wants to get there and be done with the flight. They will be missed!!!!I had plans to post pics but seems my camera has been hijacked...probally by a young burnette who despite her claims of "ungliness" cant seem to take enough pictures of Well I am off...GOAL- to get the rooms moved around, get to the gym, maybe play with some scrapping stuff...and Watch GHOST HUNTERS tonight!!! thanks for reading!

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