Friday, September 4, 2009

labor day weekend

Wow this week has gone by so fast. We are up early packing for our long weekend. We are off to Lake George NY and spending Sunday at the Saratoga Race Track. This has become an annual tradition in our house. A weekend in the woods, (although we are staying with my husbands mother) and then off to the track. the track is my husbands thing..but on Labor day weekend they always have stuff for the kids...pony rides, jumping things, balloons, face painting, clowns, etc. So it doesn't become a stale dull day watching horses run around a I said this is my husbands thing. We have a good time just the same. So track, woods, oh yeah! and the ammusment park..we still have our season pass to use and we are going to take full advantage of this well invested item. I am planning on finnishing New Moon....(book in the twlight series) that yes..everyone else has finnished and has gone on to complete the series, and I am only on book two. Well maybe I will be done before the movie comes out on DVD. This will be a busy weekend I am sure and then it is back to school, and I have to say....A TOAST TO ALL YOU SAHM"S out THERE!!!!! I had just one full week of my children home with me and I am about to ship them off to the moon. My youngest is the tryant....and as the youngest he is the one who Has to GET his OWn way!!! So I am grateful for School to start back...thank God I didn't get Laid off any earilier. Well hubbies back and ready to hit the I will chat in here when we return. TTFN

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