Saturday, September 12, 2009

beside pics....

Just had to add a little BLOg to my BLOG. The paper pack used in both layouts below were using CTMH Sweet Home paper pack from the current Idea Book. This has been quite a week. As I stated before I have been busy cleaning and moving, Thursday I attacked the rugs and did the crevisis of the stairs...WOW. Yesterday I was busy creating. I make the above layouts as well as started some autum cards that I plan to submit to an auction basket. For the evening entertainment my son, my husband and I all went to the Welcome back Picnic at his school, and later Mark and I watched a movie. I also signed my husband and myself up for DANCE lessons at the YMCA. This will be Interesting!!!! I thought it might spark up some romance....LOL. My girlfriend and her new bow are going to join it should justbe good old fun...NO competition here...Hey you only live I am hosting my Autum/Winter OPEn house for CTMH. This not having a job thing has really made keeping the business smooth. I have had to adapt to using what I have to make things work...and I feel almost as if I am begging people to host parties....It has been a real Bummer. Most people, understandably so, are clutching their purse strings pretty tight. I ran out of adhesive yesterday and was just about to loose my mind freeting over that delima (i have never worried about how much adhesive cost in the past, i usually have bought in in bulk online....) So I broke down and bought some cheep brand at Walmart and I am praying that that makes it...I must buy more for todays event. As i finally have the time to focus on my business...I don't have the $ to make it fact NOONE does. Holding my breath and hard sigh! Oh well...theres is always next quarter. there has also been a delay in my unemploment so I have really had to be thrifty. On the Brighter side, Monday I have a follow up to my new job...I still do not have a start date or time etc. But since this is a job I will be creating in many may take some time to get up and go. Horray for potential directions. WOW..I typed alot so i am off to getthis day a going.

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