Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mid-week blues

It is Wed. early am. Day # 5 of being unemployed, and as much as I had hoped that having this time off would inspire me to focus on get to the gym, watch what I eat, take on those house hold challenges, keep up on the laundry, tackle some art projects. I have done none of those. I am beginning to think that maybe, just maybe my excuse for not having enough time to take care of myself because of my job...was simply that, AN EXCUSE, now what can I use? I do have to mention that in those 5 days I did host an open scrap (and all of my craft stuff is still spilling over in the dining room), went kayacking, took a nature hike with the boys, took a swim at the YMCA, went and picked apples, saw the movie UP at the cheepy theater, wrote my resume, made 6 sets of four different designed x-mas cards, took care of my farm on farmville, and yesterday my son and I went to the NY State fair. Okay, gee suddenly I am feeling much better! Maybe I have been taking care of myself, it's just been in different ways! Thanks for letting me process this.


JulieChats said...

Hey, that's a lot of stuff! Don't be so hard on yourself!

I've got stuff spilling off my dining room table too and I'm trying to organize my scrap room in case someone actually wants to EAT in the dining room!

Hope you have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend! I'm out leaving comments for all my followers today!

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Wendy's creative connection said...

thanks for the support. It has been such a transition from working full time to being home. So much to do, wanting to get everything done ASAP, but wanting to take it slow and enjoy myself at the same time. The kids and I didn't really get a summer I am trying to make that up for everyone...including myself...who would rather be off playing somewhere, then doing household duties. I have finally cleared off the dining room table and moved myself back into the dungon (the basement), I did install cable so at least I feel like I am in the land of the living while I'm down! We are off to Lake George and Saratoga for the holiday weekend. Enjoy your weekend as well and thanks. Wendy

Verna Cyr said...

Wow! All that in 5 days! I'm impressed. Take some time and enjoy your kiddos, then make a list of things you want to get done, prioritize and then get to work! If you don't do something, oh well! You can always do it tomorrow. :o)