Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday, Monday

good morning!!! The last few days have been a bit busy and i have had little actually NO time to play. Looking outthe window it appears to be a drab dreary Monday....A great day to hunker down and start to scrap. I have been meaning to make a few Halloween decrorations, and perhaps this is the day to do it. thursday I became ambitious and decided to yank up all of the ugly dying bushes in the front of the house...1 bush at a time with an axe. So after 4 bushes several twisting and hitting, a blister and pleanty of son comes home from school and says Why don't you use the saw???? DUH!!!! within 15 minutes he had the remaining 4 gone and had cut down the four stumps. Boy did I feel stupid. I had a simular Wendy incident several years ago, when I had decided to paint my livingroom. In my own defense I thought people only used the rollers for the ceiling. Anyways it had taken weeks to pint the room one brush stroke at a time. Later a friend had volunteered to paint an unstairs bedroom...quite relieved I may add as I had remembered my multidayed livingroom paint job. When he came downstairs an hour later and said he was done I called him a lier. Yep he was done alright using the roller cuts the work down quite a bit!!!! Hope to post again soon with some art. Weekend was spent in Lake George attending Fright Fest and later my husband and I enjoyed a night out listerning to a band called AQUANETT. they were very good!

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Sharli said...

What hilarious stories! That's the one thing I like about getting older - I've done a lot of the "silly" ways to do things and now know a bit about the right tools for the job!

Hang in there!