Tuesday, September 15, 2009

maybe you are only allowed so many per day...well I guess the rest will have to wait. I did want to mention on a personal note that my future job seems like a DREAM. I said to my husband last night that this one could be the one I retire on. It is brand new so I will have to create paperwork that will fit for the setting. I will be housed in this amazing Dr's office (truly it is like a resort) starting out about two days a week until I can generate clients. The Dr. feels pretty confident that there will be plenty of clients to see. I surprised myself in that I was glad to see it would be starting off slow...old me would have freaked and been like hurry lets get this started. So I have about a month before I should be starting as they iron out the kinks...Unemployment has finally kicked in (although I should not get to excited as it has not arrived in my bank account just yet.) so thats a relief....now its just me time....i was also informed that i could take on some per diem work if i liked which willl be great as then I can cont to have some of my clinical in conjunction with my job. I have been blessed over and over with good things in my life. About three years ago I could not have said that.....Thank You God!!!!

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