Wednesday, September 23, 2009

nearly 6 days

WOW I haven't posted in nearly 6 days. i guess I had better get to posting!!! No excuses I have just been busy. Sat. Was my CTMH teams Stamp Camp and I spent the entire day with some of my amazing team creating. We all had such a great time. Sunday was spent busy as well. Off to Church then to Dance lessons My hubby and I are taking ballroom dance!!! Then I had a CTMH party. Sat and Sun wereboth filled. I did not do much of anything productive on Mon or Tuesday. Wed. morning and I have a ton of things to do. i am a little disapointed in myself as I had planned to make this time at home PRODUCTIVE for me, and I have not been as much as I had planned. I must stay clear of all electronics. I may allow myself to listen to music...but if I sit in front of a computer or a tv...Apparently I am stuck for several hours!!! i watched a movie yesterday that really could have been never viewed and I have obtained a multitude of high scores on those computer games. I really should (and I hate the use of the word should) be getting to the gym, designing my calendar workshop, cleaning up house, painting a wall, moving a building (lol) no really I do need to stop being so LAZY and get a grip. So i developed a sched. for myself...a to do list so to speak and i am beginning this today. It is 5am here in NY..I am allowing myself computer time NOW and then this thing will be off untill I have to put in the CTMH order. GYM, WORKSHOP<>and several other misc things on my to do list. I am hoping that with that said I will have some new and delightful new created talents to post at my next posting.

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