Friday, August 14, 2009


Friday morning- horray for the weekends. Spent Thursday cleaning, making cards for my team swap, went canoeing, took a walk, and visited with my dearest friend and her family visiting from Florida...and that was just Thursday. Today should be just as filling. I have to finalize cleaning as I have a habit of when I start cleaning projects begin to happen for example rearranging furniture...finding something I had forgot I had and I have to start playing..(scrapbook supplies), suddenly feeling an urge to revamp entire rooms, or even consider actual construction (which i did not start any of yesterday...although I was temped)... Don't they call that ADD or ADHD...LOL, but despite my disorganization I did have a chance to get some projects done... So here is what I got. Both of these layouts are for my Aug. make and takes. for my hostess parties I usually offer either a 1 page layout or 2 cards as part of the demo. these papers are Animal Cookies and Tinkerin.

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