Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday morning....I used to hate Mondays but since I only have two more Mondays left at my job...I'm really am not feeling the STRESS!!! BUSY weekend. Yesterday was so ever loven hot that after church I just vegged. Finally a warm day this summer and of course the pool is not swimable. What was I thinking???? Had to have a pool... I did most of my Unit swaps over the last few days, and I will post when all of them are done. I just love the new paper packs. Week plans are go go go ...My youngest is at his Bubbe's so it feels pretty relaxed around here. Don't seem to have that same push to get things running. I had a great weekend with friends, cleaned and as I said, worked on my swaps. Tue...GET POOL cleaned out. with new paper packs... Thursday, I have a date to go kayacking and I am hosting a party for a friend who sells lea Sophia jewerly. Friday...I get my little guy back and we have a date planned for the caves!!! Can't get any better then that.

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