Thursday, August 6, 2009

9 more days and counting....

yep...I am counting down the days until I am officially laid off... and I am actually excited!!! The end of this chapter has been dragging on for to long and despite the fears of being jobless...(for the exception of CTMH which is truly just my addiction being fulfilled) I am so ready to be done with things. i did not have work today and I do not work tomorrow. I am off to play with my upline tomorrow and Sat I will be at a new scrapbooking club that I joined. No kids again all weekend. i am actually enjoying all this traveling that my hubbie is doing as of late with the boys. Here are some recient layouts. These are from another trip to six has been a 6 flags summer. I copied the directions from one paper pack 12 layouts off the CTMH web site. I apologise that i don't recall who's directions they were, and even what layouts they were taken from for the dementions. Here are some more

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