Sunday, June 3, 2012

rambling on and on and on

Happy Sunday. I just had to post the new CTMH promo running in June. I LOVE the acrylic stamp sets and when it's FREE I just love it even more. Buy 2 get 1 free. I have not been very pro-active about my CTMH business. (ok truth be told I haven't sold a thing in months, I haven't even kept my quota up for over a year and currently stand as a jr consultant...) Anyways...I have always loved being a part of the CTMH team and spent all of last evening with my bestie upline Sandy doing scrapbooking pages. Thing is...I have been so out of the loop (my fault totally) I missed last months promo and she just happened to have one on hand so I spent the entire evening using one paper pack and it made me get motivated to, if nothing else place an order myself and tell my small followers about THIS months promo. So here it is, and I am going to place an order for myself today too. Hoping to be more on this as the summer progresses.
 Still been committed to scraping my life weekly. I am right up to the last day. This is pretty impressive for me, right now it seems kindof silly especially when I have a DULL week, but someday when I am wracking my brain about the time when and how old was....I can simply look at my book and ta-duh there is the answer.
Still need to do some scrambling on making cards for #1 Son's graduation.


 Every other week I try and hit the grocery store and have been happy to make claim that I am hitting my mim. $150- limit or below. I cannot say that we do not eat out a few times a week sometimes and yes we do make small runs throughout the week, but for about two months now, I have been committed to a $300- grocery bill per month. I have been a CRAZY nut about cutting coupons, following theses coupon blogs and just recently found that I can print coupons off the computer too. Each trip I seem to be getting better at it. Last trip I saved $112.00 after coupons and instore savings.  I was under my $150- (total bill was roughly $122.00). I really should get some kind of system to put that savings somewhere (maybe for my next grocery trip) and start regulating what my family spends on meals out, little stops for the extras during the week, nonsence buys (like those God awfully delicious little Debbie cakes and garbage my hubby buys...and to make it worse he never uses a coupon) as well as plan a menu and stick with it. I am getting thing at a time.


So far, I am failing in this department of my life. Any previous blogs note that I have not always been so good at taking care of least physically. I made one small step today and had whole grain toast this morning instead of hitting up a dougnut or a requesting my traditional Sunday morning baliy. Was thinking of a bike ride this afternoon...but it's raining, maybe the sun will peek it's head out and later I can still do that. If not we still do have that YMCA membership!!!!! DUH!


Yesterday we had a great time at the Chittenago Oz FEST. (I added some pic.) One thing that I can say about CNY is that there are always lots of local things going on during the weekend and the OZ fest (first visited last spring) was the idea of the day. The boys had a ball playing the games, riding the rides, then watching the parade. The characters were GREAT. We just happened upon the whole group of characters as they were heading to the start of the parade and got some pictures taken with them. I had the ballerina munchkin help me chase down the hubby for a picture and the scarecrow announced that he needed one with him too because they looked alike...LOL

Yeah!!! I guess they could be twins.....LOL!!!!! After the parade and Festival, I packed up my scrapping stuff and headed to Sandy's for pulled pork sandwiches, coleslaw, Popsicles and SCRAPBOOKING. I told the family I wouldn't be to late.....HA HA it was nearly 11 when I got home. I so enjoyed this last minute girls evening of being creative Lara joined us as well and I was happy to say I actually got several of my last year pictures done in three layouts! The boys must have had fun at home because Hubby was passed out.... Karate Kid and Little Man had a mess everywhere all the lights were on in the house and they were playing the x-box surrounded by a 15 box container of taco bell wrappers, and Pepsi cans. I would have to admit if I was a 9 and 13 yr old boy this would be nothing short of heaven. They are all off at a local play place right now called the Spinning Wheel to do some rock wall climbing, some bounce house jumping, golf ball hitting and whatever else they can get themselves into. For me the rest of the day will be finishing up the Sunday paper, ( I am going straight to HELL, I missed church again), adding some finishing touches to my layouts, perhaps some much needed cleaning, maybe a little painting in my bedroom is in order, some Girl with Tattoo reading, maybe a bike ride or a swim at the Y, and for the evening conclusion watching the MTV movie awards..........In addition to all that I must get myself in GEAR for this week is gonna be BUSY!

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