Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I've got nothing new for the crafty corner. I still have not gone and picked up adhesive. Shame on me. I can discuss my weekly project. I saw several posts out there on people who have dedicated themselves to making a weekly layout on what they have done every week of the year. I can honestly say that despite the lack of adhesive, I have been diligent about scraping my every single week since Jan 1 of 2012. (Above is an example of what my weekly page looks like). While blog stalking I noticed that there is a website where you can actually purchase page protectors and paper inserts to help make your weekly project much easier and quick. I personally have a stash of old paper packs and supplies to build a house with to simply cut my own and simply add my own embellishments. I always have like one or two pictures from an event that has happened that really doesn't need an actually full layout and I so enjoy reflecting over my life with something more creative then an old date book or worn out calender with several cross-outs no color no picture. It's kind of like a weekly full on action diary. Biggest bonus has been.....I am FORCED to journal! And guess what, if I do get behind in my regular scrapbooking....as if that ever happens (LOL) I think I have actually dented into last summers events at this point. (I can boast that being within the current decade is a BIG accomplishment for many so I'm not doing to bad.)


I am proud to make claim that last evening after my couponing I saved almost $40-. My family and I had dinner at Smokey Bones Restaurant. I had received a $10- gift card in the mail towards a meal at Smokey Bones for free and had a $10- coupon off a $20- total at Smokey Bones. We saved $20- on our meal. After dinner I did some must hit coupon deals at Price Chopper and bought the items pictured above. The total was $10.67.... after my coupons and in store specials but I also got three Catalina coupons for my next visit for a total of $4.00. So basically I spent $6.67 on the products above. Retail was something close to $24.00 I'm not anywhere near an extreme coupon er....but I got to say. It sure feels good to save some money!!!!  PS....look at the produce!!!! People always tell me you can never get healthy food with coupons. Corn was 100% FREE, Milk was a BUCK, the grapes cost me $1.29 and the cereal after the Catalina coupons cost something like $.50.

Maybe I should just leave this little section out. I have done nothing about my wellbeing...Maybe someday I will have something amazing to say like I ran the womens Ironman, give play by play instructions on this absolutely wonderful recipe on a lowfat dinner, offer this mind blowing before and after picture, perhaps I will have some enriching spiritual quot or new meditations mantra, or a picture of me climbing a mountain. But for now I have nothing, I can't even say I made that call to the Dr's office to get my damn headaches checked out. 

First off, I'd like to say, corn tortilla shells do not make a good soft taco. They fall apart. Bummer I bought a stack of  80 for $.99. Now what the hell am I gonna do with them?? I made it through work coverage. There was only four people in the group. How ideal and made for a quick and easy note in the chart. Well worth the dollars I should earn for the time I would have otherwise wasted stalking on this computer or looking at the tv. Enjoyed a nice dinner with my eldest and youngest son's and my mom at Smokey Bones last evening. Purchased the book the Hunger Games for Little Man to read.....(I have one rule about purchases for the kids...If they are gonna read it....I will almost always under no condition say no to the purchase. Plus, when he's done I can read it too...he refuses to read it with me...Really when did he get so GROWN ?? My eldest son's senior picnic was CA, so it did end up to be Taco Tuesday tonight....with those not so eatable shells. The Princess had a job interview this afternoon. Crossing fingers she gets a job.  Waiting for my Gal Pal Tami to come over so we can head off for a night of BINGO and Candles at my good friend Renee's candleparty. Life is pretty gosh darn good for the most part!!!! I'm off.

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