Monday, June 4, 2012


Here are a few of the items I crafted this weekend. They need titles, bling and journaling (For as much as I type on here, you'd think I  was a master at journaling, but I am awful...I can go look a pages I did years ago and find empty journal blocks and think wt? )  I also ordered some CTMH supplies and have intentions of going to the local AC Moore (using my 50% off coupon) to buy some ADHESIVE (can you believe I ran out). My hubby always makes fun of me and uses the lines from fight club referring to the first rule of Scrapbook club.....always remember adhesive, second rule always remember adhesive. Hey, at least he's supportive of my hobby!!!!

Here is a preview of the baby book I have started for my friend Molly (she better not be viewing my blog). I have alot to do and very little time. I also need to quick make my son's Grad. party invites. Craft overload!


I have been so busy with trying to juggle my money and stretch my budget that I might even have to make an unscheduled trip to Price Chopper this week as well, just to use my unbeatable coupons. Can I just go and use coupons? We'll find out. I have made a weekly meal plan this week too, but I am totally going to be out to meals (mostly paid for) most of the week. Tonight is dinner with my mom, so there goes tonight's in tented plan, tomorrow night (taco night-meats already out of the freezer gonna have to cook it today before it goes bad). is my son's senior picnic and later is FREE pizza with my girl Renee at her Partylite shin-dig. Wednesday will have to be taco night, Thursday as always at this time of the year I'm heading to the Greek Fest and dining on Greek Foods! Friday will have to be a quick freezer menu or leftover ground beef and something from the taco meat. Saturday I am off to my college reunion to eat til my stomach pops! Sunday maybe I can follow a weekly meal plan. hubby surprised us all with Tully's chicken dinners last evening. And I wonder why I am so FAT!!!! 
Anyways, I expanded my coupon binder from a few raggedy envelopes to an actual expandable binder with labels and everything. I sorted all current coupons and realized after analyzing the Price chopper circular and all of the coupons I have to make a shopping trip off my bi-monthly schedule. Good thing I haven't blown my paycheck just yet! If your a Price Chopper them on FB and get additional savings on baking items this week.

Nothing new to add sad too bad. My dear friend Aunt Flo arrived yesterday afternoon spoiling any plans of taking an evening swim at the YMCA or joining in ZUMBA Aquatics this am. Some people are ok swimming with Flo...I am not. So we will wait to get the swimsuit on. I also had a terrible headache that I could not get rid of, Thanks again Aunt Flo . Despite this, Flo or any other relative including Hubby with his surprised Tully's dinner....... CLEARLY these are all EXCUSES!!!!!

Gonna try and eat healthy tonight out with my mom....but Flo often mess's those intentions up too. I can say, I am staring my Monday out 2 pounds lighter then I was on Sunday.  

Not much to say, I am scrambling to pull things together for the week ahead. Just realized that it's nearing 10:30 and I volunteered to cover a co-workers shift at work, so that changes my plans for a store run. At the time I agreed to help out, I was all good with coming in on my day I'm cursing myself for saying yes. Well it's only for about 21/2 hours I can probably handle it. Called on my licence...... they still haven't looked at my stuff's only been a month. I asked if they thought I would have some kind of idea before the fall semester as I would like to start classes soon. He didn't know....really!!!! My sons FA packet was returned. I forgot to enter ZERO's in one of the sections...again REALLY!!!!! He still needs to submit his W-2's too, but come on now. Why is this stuff so stiken hard to complete?  Did get my tickets for his GRADUATION!!! Can't believe my #1 son is going to be a graduate. He was just a little yesterday right?


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