Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jan 12,2012

I am SOOOO addicted to PINTEREST! Having spent hours oohdooling over the great projects that are posted I can't wait to start some of them. I feel quite talented in the scrapping department, but not so in the DIY projects, the cooking, the sewing the 101 other great things that look so amazing! I have this great room that we are currently using as a diningroom-which has only served as such on one christmas morning, but most often functions as my crafting area since the basement is so creepy and cold. Our current dining room is host to one very large chair, a dog cage the top part of a desk, a very large desk and home to this computer. This other room, that has my diningroom table in it really would be considered a den, but the long shape and pot belly stove make couches and other seating arrangements seem out of place and in the way, so a long diningroom table in the center makes perfect sense. Anyways, my plan is to make the diningroom the diningroom and revamp the den into my actual craft room. Thing is, the room has wood everywhere. Its a very rustic look! I would like to paint over the woodwalls- and no they are not that 1970's crappy woodlooking wall board, but real wood pannels that rest on a notty wood pine floor, add the pot belly stove and were talkin about Adorondack cabin!!! I love the Adorondacks, dont get me wrong....but it just doesnt play into the craftroom I am thinking about. I am scared to death to paint over those was once presented to me by a women who convinced me that I needed to drain my INGROUND pool for the winter, that spring I was looking at the pool liner lifting from the sides and if it wasnt for the talent of my great luck find-pool guy thousands of dollars in repair. Sooooo I am a little skeptic about her suggestion to paint. I guess I will have to REALLY think that one over a big before I take that plunge. If anyone has a suggestion please let me know. Right now I am thinking I might take a trip to the local thrifty store to see if I can find any great salvages for some DIY projects. I just love the idea of refacing the furniture and cant wait to find a steal of a deal and try my hand at it. Till then.

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