Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jan 10th 2012

Good Morning- I wish I could say that the reason I was not writing for the last week was because I was on a technological strike of some sort, but the real reason was time got away from me. Infact I am so far behind with "stuff" I failed to bring a birthday snack to my sons school yesterday. He informed me that it was another childs birthday as well yesterday and that his went unacknowledged. Don't I feel like a big POOP! and Shame on the school for not at least singing the Happy Birthday song. Scamppered this am to make a batch of easy bake cookies that had already been broken into by family cookie dough eaters...leaving the number of cookies just shy of enough for the class. Looks like I will be buying cupcakes today and making a wild dash to the school just before dismissal. His birthday party was otherwise a success as he had a big party that seemed to extend through the whole weekend....which left me with limited access to the computer as everytime I went to use this machine a youtube video singing "I love gummy bears" was chanting at me!!! I have been just as unsuccessful at most of my of my 2012 resolutions as well. Day 2, 3 and 4 was a success at the gyn, but as the week progressed there seemed to be one crisis after another. Worked coverage yesterday as my coworker had to be rushed to the ER last Friday. Still unclear if he is alright! Sunday was spent recoperating from the what seemed like a multiday birthday party....Thursday something came up with a neighbor and Monday I worked....so I never made my schedled gym dates. Today will be rushed with cupcake delivery and if Im already there I might as well take the kid home with me after.....Anyways tine to get out the door for yet another day of RUSH RUSH RUSH. Tuesdays are my Mondays and staff meeting.....I hate staff meetings....I did registar for two crafting classes scheduled in Feb. Cake making and jewerly making 101! Totally excited about this. Off I go. Sorry for the clearly; I am irritable and overwhelmed message!!! still no camera!!! Still no pictures. Have a good day...I'm woking on faking it!!!!

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