Monday, January 2, 2012

Jan. 2, 2012

Hi! Everyone recoperating from the Holidays? Setting goals are so difficult. I did make it to the gym yesterday, I have not yet spent a dine in 2012. I started a calender project, which I am not happy with as the colors blead through. I did some soul searching as well as some pintrest looking/wishing. Plan for the day is to get to Zumba Aquatics, clean the house..deChristmasize anyways, and spend the afternoon crafting. The evening will be the hard work as I attempt to get the troops back into school mode! Camera is $87- fix according to Nikon. Hubby reports he will take care of the bill as an anniversary present!!!! ten years Yesterday!!! Yeah! I am impressed. to pursue a new day!!!! Happy New Year and may all have strength to keep to their goals of the day!!!

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