Saturday, February 27, 2010

Care for self

I really enjoyed Jeanette Lynton's blog on taking care of self. I have not of late been very good with that part of my life. I find that with most changes..or whatever...I fall flat after just a short period of time. I was inspired yesterday after watching a segment on fit tv. I tend to flip the channel's frequently (what did I do when we had to get up and change the channel?) and I was caught by a lovely woman who was telling her story of obesity. She wasn't someone who had fought for years to loose this termendious amount of weight, she was just a woman who recognized that she could not continue to live her life overweight any longer. I suppose I was inspired because I could relate. I find that when I see these stories of these people who have to loose 100+ pounds are unrealistic for me....those cases are extreem.....I am not looking at an extreem situation. Do I need to loose weight? Absolutely...but do I need to loose 100's of So I guess this story really caught me, because her story was real to me. She started off small, she put daily activities into her life, walking, doing, moving...and with her persistance and 5 years later she is now running marathons and looks GREAT. Of course I would like to have things immediately, but I felt her 5 year dedication gave me permission to take up to five years or even more if I needed. I have this I need it now attitude that has in so many aspects of my life sabatoged my progress. I work out a week or so, eat nothing but greens for a few days and feel discouraged when I get on the scales and have lost nothing. This pattern of needing quick results has crept into many areas of my life and I often give up. I look at the last year...After my layoff I was all about taking care of my home, my kids, myself...and yes I started out very committed.. I was cleaning up, organizing, had begun home projects, but soon quick and the house again fell short. My participation with my kids began with an active member of the PTO, attending every school function, doing fund raising...becoming my son's scout leader....I was all on that, but soon found that I was disinterested and frusterated with the whole business. I had begun a gym routine that I was strict with, daily YMCA routines, restricted diets, I attended self support groups, read up on taking care of myself, meditation, and writing down my thoughts were a part of my day....and then like everything else i just stopped. I could go on and on with these patterns in my CTMH business, my marriage, my careers, my relationships with others.....Just about everything in my life has begun with a go for the gold only to give up should I find I'm falling into second place. gotta think a bit about this.

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Sharli said...

I think it's profound that you've recognized this pattern in your actions. A very healthy first-step to making a positive change for YOU. I can see that you know in your heart that life isn't "all or nothing". Give yourself permission to just change one small thing - 5 years is a wonderful, steady pace.