Monday, February 22, 2010

Wishful thinking....

My springtime layout is wishful thinking....Spring seems so far away as I glance out into that cold upstate NY I pulled out a few layouts that I made awhile back that reminded me of warmer weather....Here they go. Weekend was busy...Enjoyed the Black Belt Spectacular that my Step son participated in. Ben rocks!!! Also had a visit from my MIL and enjoyed a few to many meals out. Sat. night was date night for me and the hubby and we enjoyed the local cover band One Hard Krank. Sunday I was blessed to witness two of my friends be baptised and make a commitment to God. Extremely enjoyable weekend. Next weekend should be as busy...I am taking a small vacation to visit my college roommate in MA on Thursday....I can't wait. talking two of the four kids and visiting Salem and perhaps Boston.

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