Sunday, April 8, 2012


well....Happy Easter everybody!!! It has been a very nice day. Got up early enough to help the bunny hide (more like fling plastic easter eggs across the grass) so that LM could do a search. No competition as it's just us this weekend made the hunt slow moving. He has more candy now then anyone can ever eat. Breakfast at Sutton's. Enjoyed family had a nice meal, took a drive to visit my hubby's neighborhood growing up and went to Lake George for video games. LM got so many tickets he brought home a stash of junk. Played a little golf...yes that's right. I am not a golfer, but we did some practice shots in the yard. Looks like we may hit the driving range tomorrow morning before heading homeward and possibly Saratoga. Deciding if we really need to have one more meal today as we had dinner at 1pm, I know I really don't need it, but I don't want to be starving at 9pm either. Watching the end of the Masters, and want to get ready for the Sunday night tv line up, Amazing Race between commercials and Once Upon a time, The Celebrity Apprentice and bed. Well were off.

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