Monday, April 2, 2012

April 2nd 2012

Weekend over....Monday here and time to get back on track. I am packed and ready to hit the gym for a little Aquatic Zumba. I have not been very "good" about the whole weight loss situation this weekend, and time to put it into overdrive. After Aquatics, I'm off to get my eyes checked. It's been years since I wore my glasses ( I haven't seen them in at least five years maybe more). Our insurance changed and has finally gone back to the old rules, so now getting my eyes checked and new glasses makes sense. ITS FREE!!!! (well sort of, there gonna take the money from his check regardless if we get our eyes done or not, so I might as well do it.) Taking Princess too, she also had glasses several years ago. Hubby is convinced that these glasses will land in some abyss just like the dozen or so sun glasses I seem to loose each year. Gonna try to be better with these. Weekend was lazy. Sunday I enjoyed the newspaper, lallygagged on the computer, made a cake; (even after cake class, I still suck at this cake thing). Hit the 50% off coupons for both AC Moores and used another AC Moore 50% off coupon at JoAnnes. Got myself some adhesive, a box of fifty premade cards with envelopes for $5-, a few more Easter decorations; I really really really wanted to go wild in the spring section of Joanne's but at only 40% off I had to restrain myself. I just love the little gnomes and they had so super cute figurines and decorations. Yes 40% is nice, but I gotta pay for a bike, put a deposit down on vacation, would really like to have a new cell phone, and I'm still wanting my Gazabo......Guess those gnomes will have to wait til the Fall clearence. LOL! I put the gnomes down, and picked up a 50% off Easter Egg dye kit and decided that the boys would enjoy coloring eggs instead of looking at my Gnomes this summer. Egg kit for $1.35, some cute Easter Decorations, and candles for the Birthday cake. I missed crossing my T on the birthday so it was Happy Birlhday...OPPPS! Tasted just as good. Boys dyed Easter Egg's since no one will be around on Easter...including me. My Step-son is going to Florida with his Mother on Thursday, My eldest will be busy next week with testing for college exams, Princess will surly be busy that leaves, little man, Hubby and myself. No Easter Egg hunt in the back yard this year. Bummer....since the older two have long grown out of this tradition, and without the competition from his 1/2 brother, LM is not interested in hunting eggs this year. Were going to Lake George. I'm pushing for a quick Vermont trip to Ben and Jerry's (what could be better then chocolate bunnies at Easter...some YUMMY YUMMY Ice Cream...duh!) Hubby says...there's a horse race that weekend he has to watch....what...really. We'll just have to see what the weekend brings. Had a nice dinner and cake for the eldest. Watched Once Upon a Time, The Apprentice ( You GO, Arcenio!!!) and sound asleep. Just heard the neighbor scraping off the windshield.....tell me there is no FROST....really now. Yep there it is. Off to retrieve my scrapper, I am pretty sure I buried that thing somewhere in the garage with the snow shovels, winter hats, and gloves. Only in CNY can it be in the 80's one day and snow falling the next.

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