Saturday, April 7, 2012

April 7, 2012

computer is down....we are at my hubby's mothers house in Lake George. LM and I took a 1.5 hour drive north to look at waterfalls, and we also went to Lake Placid. Beautiful, but I was a little disappointed. We went to Ausable Chasm, and due to the season we only had the choice of the 5 mile hike, with no return bus or raft ride at $16- or the 15-20 walk around the falls and a look at a rock that resembles an elephant for $5 a person. Spent $20 in gas, another $20- for lunch in Lake Placid, and $10- for the 20 minute walk, that we could have looked at on the public bridge for free. feeling a bit taken advantage of, especially since there are 1000's of FREE nature trails that we could have walk on. By the time we got to Lake Placid LM was done with the whole trip, and had no interest in looking at the Olympic activities, shops, or even taking a bobsled ride. We hit a diner in the village that was high priced, dirty and really not very good. Guess I was hoping for something amazing. It was still fun just to get away. Nice dinner this evening, and we got the Easter bunny coming tomorrow morning, maybe the village of Lake George and Big Easter dinner tomorrow night. Maybe I can convince the family to hit Saratoga or perhaps Howe's caverns on the way home on Monday. Still need something to fill up my weekend before we head home. Tension here with LM and Bubbe.....trying to just sneak away from it all. Seems everyone just needs to go to sleep early. I can finally give myself some walk miles for the Walgreens walk. I just don't know how many steps I didn't seem like much, especially for paying $10- and driving 1.5 hours. (by the way gas prices up this way are $4.29 a gallon....I almost fell the freak over.) Hopefully when I get home I can get on my computer and post some beautiful Adirondack pictures..... because I do have to mention, despite the negatives.....them mountains, lakes and creeks are simply AMAZING! Next trip north of Lake George, we gotta climb (take the car) up to the top of Whiteface, trail into the free woods, some white h2o rafting, tubing and dip our feet into the cool creeks that run into Lake Champlain. AND did I mention, that the original plan was to drive to Vermont and have Ben and Jerry's ice was decided as a no after I found it would be a 2 hour drive....I drove over two hours anyways between the gorge and Lake Placid. Oh well. Next time. till tomorrow then!

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