Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April 4th 2012

LM's picture of himself at his desk, on tv for his presentation of the comercials and working the school store. Below is the FREE walk with Wegman's kit. (Still haven't taken a walk since I got the thing an signed up...better get going)

Yesterday's work was actually worse then I could imagine. Feeling trapped. I already knew that I had too many people on my case load, but somehow I made it work and have been busy trying to get people out of my group, but yesterday when all but two people showed up for group and we (as we always are and have always been) are in the smallest group room in the building. It was so cramped, we were down four chairs, and it was so claustrophobic I finally just know what, go home. What a nightmare. How can I work like this and how can you expect the client to be relaxed enough to do what they need to do when they can't even sit down? Road Blocks on moving people along. Issues that need to be addressed, individuals that need to be done, treatment plans and phone calls, follow up's, clean up files, make sure they do what they need to do, urine screens, and right now I don't even know everyone name. It's crazy!!!! So I am not looking forward to today. Keeping my group closed for a while.....anyways, the rest of the day was okay. Bought some groceries, caught up on one of the True Blood episodes before LM got home from school, not doing well with diet and exercise, went to Open House at LM's school, and after all was said and done...I was whipped and pretty much fell out to sleep. after figuring numbers in my head and not wanting to disappoint...we have compromised on vacation, and plan on tenting will save me $200-. We have a great tent (it's bigger then some RV's) , I have a comfortable air mattress (actually more comfortable then those 1 layer mattress's they have in those cabins)....only down fall is no fridge/microwave. The cabin I was going to get didn't have a bathroom in it anyways, so were not loosing a bathroom. $200- saved, a better bed. No micro and no fridge, but we always bring the TV, a big extention-cord and I cook on the skillet. Just need extra ice for the cooler. We still get the water park, the pool, the go-carts, the paint ball/laser tag, gem mining, fishing, canoes, mini golf, hay rides, giant bounce pillow, ice cream socials, themed week (the week we go is Wet and Wild), camp ground activities and of course Yogi Bear. Still wish we had an RV it would make trips so much easier (someday....). anyways we still get to go and I save $200- for lodging. BAM!!!! Once the week is over we'll head to Hershey and actually stay in a hotel...we need some luxury after all. I think it's a great compromise, and not only does this change the vacation a bit, but it forces me to purchase a pop-up gazebo (which is what I have used in our back yard for the last several years anyways) So....I will not be needin that $200+ gazebo if were going to need a pop up for camping anyways, so I might as well go purchase the $60- one I saw at the freight place. looks like I might be saving over $300-. So far so good. Hubby is doing our taxes today, that always get me nervous because part of our poverty problem is a direct result of our past taxes....I wont go there today. Cross your fingers that we do not owe....we should be good....but I thought we were before. Counting down the days of this week, were off to Lake George on need to get thinking weekend weekend weekend......

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