Monday, January 3, 2011

Jan. 3

As if Mondays aren't hard enough, coming back into a work week after an extended weekend, and two days ill, SUCKS. I am three days behind walking into the dreaded Monday morning meeting, picking up the on call phone, and finding myself truly dreading the day. I keep telling myself that I can't do anything about the week before, but the fact that I have 101 things that I have to do to catch up, just keeps poping into my head. So what number on my resolution was that thing about sleep eat work...oh yeah number 1. Go figure this happens to be the week that I am so far behind and I have work duty 24-7 until next Monday. Did I really buy into the idea of an on call position? Really? Was I truly that desperate to retun to work that when that part was mentioned during the hiring process I simply tuned that out? It seems to me there was alot about that your hired day I seemed to have missed. Anyways, I am attempting to walk into my first day of the New Year with a whole new attitude about Mondays, my job, and everything to do about the work experience. It's gonna be a GREAT day (forced smile)! And maybe, just like the trip to the dentist, when it is all over, I can say...okay it really wasn't all that bad.

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