Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jan. 16th

Has been a busy week. Work has been a blessing. I am beginning to think that my boss's New Years Resolution was to stop being so evil. Last weekend we all enjoyed a 8 year old slumber party. I think the boys stayed up till at least 3am when I finally came down stairs and said...OKAY all games off. We all spent that Sunday recoing. Gavin is scheduled to start soccer at the end of Jan., my car has a ton of issues that need to be addressed, and my poor mother has broken her leg. Of course she waited to go to the Dr nearly five days before she found out what was wrong. I feel terrible because she fell in our driveway. As hard as Mark tries none of us can be on that snow fall all the time. Had to miss the CTMH unit meeting yesterday as my Hubie was in a poker tournament and I had the boys. We did go out and make a visit at the casino and the kids got to swim, but I am really missing my UNIT. Did get to see everyone briefly and making plans to STEP up my game. Hard to believe it is already the 16th of 2011, but apparently there is never a down minute in this household. Plans today to make a fire, order some CTMH products, and play with my current scrappen stash. Should be uneventful, but fun.

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