Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Where has all the creativity gone??????

I have been off from the creation this past month!!!!!! Just not feeling the inspiration I guess. I have started back to work....but only have had 2 patients...this is quite discouraging. Holiday week kept me busy with friends and family. I did finally put pictures on some of my done pages...and I have decided to re explore the scrapbook challenge..I think I will have to start at 34 and work my way backwards...I did do some of them...but don't have a clue which ones are which. Have all of my holiday cards done.....and started some tags for distribution at our CTMH holiday party next week...still do not have my gift to exchange...or my special gift for my upline. there was no black friday shopping this year....as I am broke, and the gift list just keeps getting longer and more expensive....did anyone know a pair of ugg boots cost over $150-, my daughter wants a black pair and a brown pair!!!! I have joined weight watchers and have a weigh in today...I am terrified as this week was awful, they should have attached a spoon to my hand...I just kept scooping. I also have to meet with my new boss later today....this puts a nice little interuption in my day midway through it.....I don't even get paid for these little visits. My parents return from England next week, but their home was broken into on Thanksgiving....that was a mind blower. They took the news better then I did. Plan to get my mother tickets to see Wicked as her Christmas gift...of course I have to get one for myself as well.....speaking of the theater...my 14 year old daughter has decided that maybe mom isn't so bad and will be joining me this Sat. for a performance of Little Women. She also reluctantly volunteered to baby sit Sat. night so I can go out and celebrate a friends birthday.....we shall see if she convinces her older brother to do that instead. Goals of the week....get back on the weight watchers plan, start holiday shopping, decorate the house, and start to be creative....i got two big projects to do before next weekend. Had our first sticking snow today....very approprite for Dec. 1st.

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