Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Overload

Had party after party this weekend. Kept us all very busy. Enjoyed my CTMH unit party. Our team "Hearts a Flutter" is the best group of gals ever. Had an amazing time. I have not been very active with regards to my gym and ww attendance....must force myself to go today. Feeling a little daunted by my new job....apparently dissapointment and multiple holiday parties MAKE ME EAT bad things. Have decided that I really have to gt aggressive about the work thing and began exploring in a new direction.....(Had no one sched. for this week...bumbed me out) So despite the promice of good money and a very hopful career direction...it looks like it may not be taking off. Spent yesterday at the career center doing my resume and calling all potential contacts for possibilities within the community. Feel like I am going backwards...but at least I wil have a job and an income. Feeling the no income thing heavy this time of year.....everything COSTs so much. Don't want to disapoint the kids Christmas morining. Neither of my younger ones has ever felt they loss out on Chrsitmas morning. Guess thats just reality. Did tell my youngest that Santa is on a budget this year and he may not get everything on his list. He was a little confused but seem to accept this. So back to the real world....job seeking and weight loss

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