Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I keep being reminded that there are only so many days before Christmas, and now that we are approaching count down #3...I am having a pre holiday freak out......just how did I get in this crunch again this year? I guess I got my fathers procrastination gene....every year I vow to not get in this situation next year and every year...here I am...days before the big day and worlds behind. every year...things seem to work out...but this year..being unemployed has really taken it's toil. I would like to be one of those people who says...Christmas is not about the money....I really would, and I know that in all reality none of us in this family really NEED anything. I would like to have....is a pretty long list however. I am also feeling a little bit gulity, as I am not even slightly prepared with the non-present items....got the tree up...have some lights on the house...but otherwise...it looks pretty plain. I haven't even begun to think about Christmas dinner, didn't do many Holiday cards....and the worse part about all of this is I am feeling Very Grinch or Scrooge like. BAH HUMBUG!!!! Struggling to shake this I do not care about the holiday feeling that simply is eating me up!!!! Maybe some ghosts will visit this evening and give me some direction.....or perhaps I will hear the singing of whosville and my heart will grow three sizes......or maybe I should just enjoy the precious gifts that are not wrapped and under the tree, but the gifts of my friends and family, the gift of Christ in my life, the gift that each and everyday is a blessing and Christmas day is one more of those blessed days......okay, okay......even Scrooge needed three ghosts before he got it!!!! I'll keep working on it.


Leslie said...

I know what you are feeling. Your post was beautifully written.

We have slowly over the years had to down play the commercial aspect of Christmas. This year is just a little more so since I was out of work for 9 months.

May the peace of Christ be yours this Christmas.

Sharli said...

Oh dear, sending you a big heartfelt hug!