Friday, October 2, 2009


So it seems to me that I have less time now that I am unemployed then when I was working. Gosh if I only didn't need a I have committed myself to so many projects that i am beginning to think that they have taken on a life of their own. When pending the layoff I had visions of keeping up with my blog, doing more scrapbooking, getting healthy and dragging myself to the gym, being more involved in my sons school, getting some of those much needed projects done on the house, spending more time with friends and family, reading, perhaps even taking a class or two, and taking care of me. It appears however that all of those things take so much more time and energy then I thought that I am concerns that maybe just maybe I have taken on too much..... let me start with my sons school. I have officially signed myself up as walk a thon comittee person- I am in the process of calling and sending letters inquiring about some donations for this event, room parent, PTO member, and cub scout leader. (doens't sound so bad when I write it out...but YIKES), for house projects...I am endlessly taking on things everyday. Thing is that I never seem to complete the task. I get started and side track..(ADHD perhaps). I am still dreading the closure of the pool. this project became a hudge orderal last week when I decided that the best thing to end this painful process was to simply drain the damn thing and start over in the spring. Made perfect sence to me. Till about pool 1/2 empty I decided that maybe this was too easy asn why hadn't everyone else done the same thing and I googled it. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT DRAIN your inground pool..infact some people have had the pool detatch themselves and float away like a boat. YIKES!!!! So that plan foiled I stopped all drainage immediately..of course this was after mandating my poor son to do the disgusting task of cifering (sp) the hose. YUCK- Anyways I spent the rest of the day holding my breath to make sure the thing didn't up and float away as I plurged water backin to it. What was I thinking..JUST HAD TO HAVE A POOL....goingto the local pool just wasn't enough for way. As far as art projects...yes i have had the opportunity to create...but like everything else in my life...having the time to stop and put things down only complicates things more...I get up and leave so now I feel like I have more stuff to finnish then when I started. I want to do this and I want to do that....oh yeah and adheasive costs alot more $ when you have no paycheck. I have had to seriously decided if I want to eat or scrap. On that note the diet thing seems to have no direction. It seems being home more only opens up the fridge more often. I have been good about going to theY and I am drinking more water. i even took some time to read the 101 emails from that healthy weight loss program that someone from CTMH offered to help me focus on my diet. On that note, another committment. I have joined this group with the Y that meets weekly to help you stay focused on your goals of health and exersize. Great right? So the woman sends me home with a gym scheduale and says ideantify all the classes you would wan to take......Doesn't she know that I am an obsessive freak and I will plann to attend all of them!!!! Then theres just life. just in the next four days I have committed myself to a day of scrapping (in just a few hours and no I am not packed nor do I have any idea what I am going to today with my scrap stuff, although i am sure I will have to BUY more adheasive) Sell popcorn with my son for cub scouts, then come back later and ask for some more money to support the walk a thon finnish the laundry, bake something for Pokeno tomorrow night, meet with the cub scout master to define my cub leader duties, play Pokeno, plan two hostess parties, submitted a WOTG order, and start planning for that even next week, meet with the ro0m parents to discuss holiday classroom parties, get to the gym, close that stinken pool, rince off and store all of the summer patio furniture, go to church, take a dance class with my hubbie, and go to hospital land with my sons class on monday....all the while I spinning in my head how do I convince angenies and business to give donations so when I attend the next walk a thon committe I don't look like a "boob" for not doing anything. I am beginning to think that dealing with sucide threats, out of control teens, over anxious mothers, OCDer and drug addicts is much less stressful then this REAL life I have created outside of my previous job description...HUmph!


Sharli said...

Oh Dear! Ok, if you're up for some helpful advice . . . sit down, close your eyes, take a deep breath and with your mouth closed, let it out through your nose. Take another breath. Think about places that make you feel peaceful (for me, it's the redwood trees). Sit still with your redwood trees for 3 minutes. Do this daily and build up to 15 minutes. I promise it will help.


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