Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday in Oct...already

time has sure flown by. It is already Oct. The weekend was busy, as always. I always thought that I would encourage my kids to play sports, but after hearing my friends lifestyles of runing like mad...I have kept my mouth shut with my own. I spent Friday cutting and preparing for my upcoming hostess parties and workshops. I have 2 gatherings and 1 workshop with in the next week (this is more then I typically do over a quarter) So i have been busy preparing. I was expecting to host a crop with some fellow CTMH teammembers...but I am not sure what is happening with that. Sat I spent a few hours preparing for my sons cub scouts, grateful that John (another childs dad) stepped up as leader...so I only have to play in the shadows. Sat night was incredible fun playing Pokeno. I won the movie monsters vs Aliens. I have decided to donate it to the neighborhood, and it has already made its way into another household for viewing. Sunday I went to Church with a neighbors family and my son and had a great time. We also stayed for the clam bake and some bounce house time before rushing off to dance lessons with my husband. ( I am not sure what I was expecting from this...ok lets get real i was expecting to walk out of class #1 looking like Fred and Ginger)....we look more like we Frank and his Bride LEAD FEET. Yesterday MIB came and I cut papers and made cards for my upcoming twitter workshp, and in between I took in a field trip with my son's 1st grade class to Hospital Land. I still remember going on my eldest's field trip to Hospital land some 10-11 years ago. I recieved three emails regarding my future empolyment and will sign the contract today...It willl be offical soon....I will be back to work. today i plan to make phone calls to business for the walk a thon committe, clean the house, take a water aerobic class, and finalize all stamping and scrapping for the week ahead. WOW

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Sharli said...

Oh Wow, what a busy day! I'm exhausted just reading about it! LOL

I must have missed about the "future employment" Hope it's everything you wanted!