Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy halloween

BOO! Good Morning to you on Halloween Day. Halloween has always been my favorite Holiday. Maybe it has something to do with the one day of the year you have permission to dress anyway you want and play any character you want, i don't know but i just love this day. This year has not been as exciting as i had hoped and this last week was more difficult then usual. I am not inferring that one needs financial means to make Halloween fun and exciting, but when you have a Major set back in your funds the celebatory focus becomes less . I found out last week that my unemployment was being investigated and as a result they ceased all deposits. I was totally unaware and as a result the domino effect began and as one may know who has ever written a check when there is no $ to pay that check.....let the fee's begin. things like a $1 movie rental from red box ended up costing me $42-...You get the point. At this point it seems as if the investigation was unfounded and after some feelings of betrayal....(a story that none would believe so I am not going to tell it) I am looking at owing the bank $1,000.00. So as one would expect this scarry Holiday season has been not so joyful and more stressful then most. Alas....things will get better and I do see my future job coming into focus and it looks as if I will be working before Thanksgiving. So as i say Happy Halloween Enjoy your ghosts and goblins!


Sharli said...

I heard a discussion on NPR the other day about this very type of thing - how the banks are charging outrageous fees. I'm so sorry this has happened to you. I hope the sight of the darlings all dressed up tonight (do they still trick-or-treat in your neighborhood?) will help to cheer your mood. I love seeing the children - it makes me warm and happy.

Jill said...

Oh, no! I hope everything works out for you.