Friday, October 23, 2009

No new art...just me today

Well another week has come and gone. I certainly made it a busy one. back to the gym, back on the diet opps...healthy eating and living. I hit up the CORE class again yesterday and even went back to the Y later to take a swim with my son. Looks like the job thing is coming into focus. I just do not know when I will be starting. have a busy weekend coming up. We are going to go to Enchanted tonight (Beaver Lake) and our Annual Halloween Party is tomorrow. Sun I plan to get to Church...although I maybe in recovery from the evil spirits I know I will be drinking on Sat evening, and find that pulling myself from the sheets may be to dificult. We do have plans to take the kids to a Hallowen Bash later on Sun. and by 2pm I had better be fully charged for the day. Looks like I had better get the last child up and off...its already nearing 8am!!! Where does the time go? Have a great day!

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