Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday oct 7th

Yesterday was spent preparing for the upcoming workshop and gatherings. I had a late attendee ask to join us on the Twitter workshop and was pleased to find that when I cut everything...and I cut everything...I was able to pull out four workshops out of three paper kits. (i did contribute some of the cardstock) Now once her order arrives I can distribute the rest to the group. I am kicking myself for volunteering to cut, because it took a long time to do. I did both layouts, and all of the was time consuming. This is the first workshop I have ever done and I may change up some things in the future. I also prepared for my gathering on Sat...because most of these girls come monthly to some sort of gathering I mix things up a bit and try to add a unique technique ( My upline says I should call it a CLUB, thing is I don't charge them like a club...they always buy something so I don't loose out) I did a 1- page layout using a swinger card. It is really cute..but I can't find any more pennies. My son had raided my piggy bank and any strays have gone to his school for his math classes $ count...searching for 20 dines was NOT fun! I also did my FREEBIE card I have to pull together some cards for next Thursdays gathering....this group is all NEW so I may do something much easier then swinging cards. Hostess would like to see holiday cards...I think I can make that happen. Made it to the YMCA this am...broke down and bought my sons cub scout uniform, swung by Michaels and STILL no adheasive....What is going ON?????? my hubby is not doing an overnight tonight so I am hitting up a Zumba class at 8pm tonight and later watch Ghost Hunters....Busy Busy!!!

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