Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wed is my Monday!!

gonna make a quick note this am, as Wed is the only day I work in the morning. I find it much more difficult to drag myself off to work now a days.... one would think that I would be so excited to have some work to go to, but this part time here or there hours really make wanting to go to work a drag...I feel like it inturupts my day...Anyway...although I did not work yesterday I do have to make my weekly presence with my supervisor, it takes me about 30 minutes to drive into town and 10 minutes meeting with him. this gig has me feeling like the unwanted step child. At current, I have only worked one hour in the last three weeks. My Wednesday gig is every wed. and I always have hours. After many weeks of stressen over this....I finally surrendered and decided well maybe I should just be where I am with my unemployment situation, and one political power has decided that NOW would be a good time to decline the unemployment bill....THANKS!!!! So here I am again, seriously thinking McDonalds shift!!!! Who would have thunked after six years of higher education, ten years of specific credentialing, and over ten years in the field...I'd be sitting here without a full time job. So I guess Wed. will continue to be my Monday for the time being. Cross fingers, keep calling, keep sending out resumes, pray....that somehow all of this will work out...although I do have Micky D experience (over 20 years ago) I have to say that was one of my past jobs....I would perfer not to return to.

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