Saturday, July 18, 2009

Just a thought...

The family has all gone away for the weekend...(I plan to meet up with them Monday night after work. ) so I have had no distractions. I spend the entire night committed to CTMH and my scrapbooking. Yep. I finalized my Masters level courses, and did several layouts which I will post here later. Hip Hip Horray!! As my job comes to an end I am realizing that I just hadn't had the time to commit to what i need to do for me and despite the termination of one chapter of my life another one opens. i have never really been an "attack kind" of CTMH sales person, and I mean that with most love and affection, but I have never really been selling the product...does that sound better, I have been encouraging the same group of girls...(all of which are my friends) to please please buy from me, after all you would buy it from someone anyways. and this style of salesmenship has kept me at my min. every quarter, but has also keeped me from having to work at it. I simply love being a CTMH consultant and I love the company, I just don't love my style of sales. So as the "real" job comes to an end and I ponder over what I want to be when i grow up, I realize that I can work at what I love and thats CTMH.

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