Sunday, November 30, 2008

happy Sunday

Thanks to those of you who have come to visit and follow. I am working on increasing my own followings. Yeah! I am also working on posting some of my art. Thing is when I search all i get is the numbers, not the view of the pics, so uploading has been guess work. Here i randomly selected a pic. This is at Adventure Aquarium in New Jersey using Serendipity. Close to my Heart papers. This was actually 2 summers ago. Hopeful that as I learn..I will have more pic. of the here and now.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Kids pictures

Saturday Nov. 29th

busy week with the holidays. My family and I did a little non traditional feast. We went to the Turning Stone Casino. I went to the spa, kids hit the pool and hubby hot the slots. Not bad he won some money. YEah!! I am going to try and get some pics on here. This is a picture of our halloween trip at Great Escape Fright Fest. The kids had a great time. I was freezing. We stayed at the great Escapes lodge and water park. We got to meet and greet many of the looney toons. let me see if i can retrieve more pics.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

November 8th 2008

Well I am still trying to figure this thing out. I was notified that I do not have any people visiting my blog, so I am in the process of exploring that. I would ask any of you out there to help..but obviously none of you are there. today is our Unit meeting...I am presenting and yes a little nervous. I am presenting the acrylic albums..I will post once I figure that out too. busy Saturday so I am off to do 101 things.

Friday, November 7, 2008

November 7th 2008

i have successfully made it back to this site. this is impressive. I am trying to figure out what the goal is for this site. I noticed that many people write as if it is a daily here it goes. Friday horray! I generally try not to work on Fridays so I am lazily drinking my coffee and typing away as I sit in my p.j.s. I do have to get the youngest up and off to school, but even that is later on Fridays. Plan to try and send last pictures of work. I held a ctmh gathering last pm. Not a very large one..but I plan to post the art. today is annual dr visits. Both the older kids have physicals and I'm off the my dr as well. Exciting not. Tomorrow is unit meeting. I am presenting the ctmh acrylic album..I will post this as well. have a great day.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

1st day

Hi everyone.
this is my first attempt at this, so i may be using this box as a test...1, 2, 3, testing. I was so impressed with the number of bloggers (correct term?) out there that I just had to jump on in it. So where does one start? I guess i should include why I thought a blog would be of interest right? Well I am an independent consultant for Close to my Heart scrapbooking and crafting supplies. I had seen others with blogs and thought i would try. A few things that I need to mention about myself... First off I am a computer idiot so please don't hold out for some AMAZING things to happen here, 2nd I cannot spell and i never did learn how to type...bear with me. So hello and welcome to my little creative connection of the world. I cant wait to make new friends, share some stories, and be CREATIVE.