Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Kids pictures


Anonymous said...

Hey Wendy! I saw your post on the ctmh bb just now and thought I would stop by to leave a comment! I am also trying to start a blog but have NO clue where to begin.

My blog address is

You are doing much better than I am! All I have is a blog site! LOL

I will add you to my blog favorites and come back to visit often! Thanks for posting! Looking forward to seeing what you have on your blog!

I will go back to your front page and see if I can sign up as a follower!

Anonymous said...

Looking good so far Wendy! I wish I had found blogger when I started my blog...much easier to use.

Check out my site if you like to get some ideas. I tend to write in spurts. This has been a bit of a down side lately.

Have fun with it.

Wendy's creative connection said...

Hi Jen,
Thanks for stopping by. Lets cross our fingers that this gets to you. i am going to view your blog.