Thursday, November 6, 2008

1st day

Hi everyone.
this is my first attempt at this, so i may be using this box as a test...1, 2, 3, testing. I was so impressed with the number of bloggers (correct term?) out there that I just had to jump on in it. So where does one start? I guess i should include why I thought a blog would be of interest right? Well I am an independent consultant for Close to my Heart scrapbooking and crafting supplies. I had seen others with blogs and thought i would try. A few things that I need to mention about myself... First off I am a computer idiot so please don't hold out for some AMAZING things to happen here, 2nd I cannot spell and i never did learn how to type...bear with me. So hello and welcome to my little creative connection of the world. I cant wait to make new friends, share some stories, and be CREATIVE.

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