Friday, November 7, 2008

November 7th 2008

i have successfully made it back to this site. this is impressive. I am trying to figure out what the goal is for this site. I noticed that many people write as if it is a daily here it goes. Friday horray! I generally try not to work on Fridays so I am lazily drinking my coffee and typing away as I sit in my p.j.s. I do have to get the youngest up and off to school, but even that is later on Fridays. Plan to try and send last pictures of work. I held a ctmh gathering last pm. Not a very large one..but I plan to post the art. today is annual dr visits. Both the older kids have physicals and I'm off the my dr as well. Exciting not. Tomorrow is unit meeting. I am presenting the ctmh acrylic album..I will post this as well. have a great day.

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