Wednesday, June 8, 2011

First weigh in at Total health. I have lost five pounds, but realize that it has not been about what i have ate, but more what portions I have cut out. I had several opps moments this past week, and have to admit that I have not exersized at all. I just haven't been able to bring myself to do it lazy, fearful, whatever, but i just have not been able to find the opportunity or will to get moving. The weekend is always busy, kids were of priority earlier this week, and it's like a freaken heat wave today. Always something. I just know that it is going to be evn more difficult to get to the gym once the kids are out of school. I was able to get a good portion of my scrapbook project done yesterday. I just need two more layouts and a few tittles to say I am done. Saturday is the baby shower, so I am hopful that I can swing it. Tonight is busy, tomorrow is a possibility...infact I am going to have to get it done tomorrow, as Friday is busy and bingo the shower is here. Livin life, feeling a bit discouraged today, but trying to get back that GRATITUDE, I was feeling last week about this time. WOW. Just recieved winning tickets to Watkins Glen speedway races the weekend of the Hellava Good races. I am not at all sure what that entails, but it could be a fun weekend event. I will have to do some exploring. Well I am off.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Well it has been one whole week that I have been a self proclaimed SAHM. I must admit that I am struggling at finding my mojo with this gig, although I did spend time yesterday at the peditrician, made several other medial appointments that have been put off due to conflict in previous work hours, and was informed that my 15 year old has not had a physical since 2008. My youngest must have stuck his foot in a bug hole as he has about 4-5 bites that have swollen up so badly we needed medical attention. He has stayed home again I am sure I will get a call from the school nurse minutes after I drop him off saying "come and get him". What ever happened to the days when.....?I recall going to the school nurse ment you spent the day laying on that cold cot for hours or gargling salt water. You sure didn't call your mom to come get you unless you were on deaths bed. But,,,I digress. The weekend was enjoyable. Friday evening my son and I went to the Taste of Syracuse, I did not eat as I am DIETING, again!!!! (Down 4 pounds since Wednesday, if nothing else not working has been a diet success so far) Saturday was spent with family enjoying Chittenago's OZ fest. Sunday I recoped and bashed myself for breaking down and having pizza the night before, of course this was after I had a Sunday doughnut. Hubbie got mad when I threw out the remaining reporting I was not the only one who lives in this house. I just couldn't take those thing looking at me any longer. Was quite please to step on the scales this morning and had not gained back any weight. Working on a baby album for a friend who is having triplets. THREE babies....I can't even imagine. Plan to finninsh that up today, do some cleaning, perhaps some shopping, and have found I really am enjoying Ellen at the end of my SAHM work day. TTFN

Thursday, June 2, 2011


I am welcoming myself back to life!!! Some of you have had the fortune of never making a poor decision, letting yourself get out of control, or royally BLEEPING up!!!! But for those of you who may have a bit of sympathy for me. YES!!!! I have spent the last year of my life feeling STUCK in an abusive, self dystructive sprial of poor pathetic me. It started with getting laid off about two years ago....and progressivly got worse. The Titanic of the whole ordeal was staying in a JOB that simply reinforced all of those derogatory messages that some may have spent years in therapy to rid. So after several months....and my husband will claim from the start....I have finally taken a leap of faith and the full support of my loved ones because I NEED everyones reinforced "this is the right thing to do". I have quit. Voluntarily JOBLESS!!!!! A totally new concept for me. A REALLY Scary venture. But as I start into day #2 I am ready to take on possibly the most difficult job I have ever had. The job of living my life!!!! Stay tuned for the job description. For the first time in a long time......I just cannot wait to see what the day will bring!!!! BRING IT ON!!!!!!