Saturday, August 21, 2010

busy trying to get that CTMH umph!!!

So I came back from CTMH convention ready to GOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Just as the last, I was out the gate in the lead and runnen fast!!! Had a plan...yep that is right...that was going to be me up on that stage next year in California....and I was absolutely going to WIN that trip to Hawaii. I was in the lead pushing up on the wire, spent the entire ride back from DC planning, developing in my mind, calculating the figures, jotting down sketches, planning party dates months in advance, ....the Ultimate plan, then once that pretty new gold and green bag hit the livingroom floor...the race was over. I looked around and NO I was not in first, I wasn't even a close 2nd.....there I was no longer in the RACE!!! So I am trying to get back in the running. Decided that although it would be nice to be on that CTMH stage, and who wouldn't want a trip to Hawaii, I need to stop doing this to myself. Although I'd like to think of myself as a Thoroughbred, breed with speed and expertise, I have to get real and admit that I do my worst when I set the bar to high. Now, that does not mean that I have no goals, I just need not shoot for the moon. So I have started a new approach....slow and steady wins the race...just ask the tortoise....for the hare lost the run. I have begun my race with initially getting my status from jr to I am back in wit the big boys, and although I was discouraged that two big parties that we planned backed out...I did have one successful party, meet with my upline and developed a realistic plan, and look forward to my very first ever hostess party where I do not have one of my dear friends there to hold my hand. Ok...maybe look forward is not the right I am terrified...but I am hopeful. So as I step into another chapter of my life...i will read slow, and consume the dialect pace myself and take each step in stride....perhaps maybe I still will be on that stage in California next summer.

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Lynn said...

Wendy: As the saying goes, just keep putting one foot in front of the other, and you WILL get there one day. Start by setting small goals. For instance, this month I will teach one card class and I will strive to have maybe 5 people attend. Then set the goal of $20 per person for their supplies, or a workshop at the $29.99. Just think how those sales will add up. Keep doing this a little at the time. The next month try to have 6 people attend your class, and so on. I have faith in you. Good luck
Hugs, Lynn