Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring break

Enjoyed a few days away from the ho hum and visited my college roomie over spring break. I hadn't realized that five years had past since the last time we enjoyed each others company, so the visit was a real joy. She resides in MA, just a short distance from Salem and Boston, so we were able to spend a few days at these areas. Salem was enjoyable. I did not realize how EXTREME the witch trails really were. I suppose that I just remembered the plays about this tragic history in like the fifth grade and truly miminized the severity of how three young girls could stir a black hole of unnecessary loss. Boston, although I have been there several times in the past, was also a joy...I enjoyed the swan rides, the beautiful gardens, the busy market place, and my son was able to participate in a street show, but BOSTON needs to establish a PUBLIC restroom policy....finding a toilet was a nightmare, and who would have thought that there would be so MANY people? We did enjoy the massive history that Boston has to offer and learned a lot. I am anticipating an all day scrap on Sat. and it looks like I will have a ton of pictures to scrap!!!

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