Monday, February 23, 2009

Mondays, Mondays

No pictures just comments! I hate Mondays!!!!and to top it off after being late this am, I get that dreaded call from the school nurse..your son is sick. hubby can't get him. There goes like $200 in billable units and i was off most of last week. Bummer!!! to make it worse...My son had a spoonful of tylenol to relieve his fever and he is REPORTING he is FINE!!!! The school nurse just Had to comment that he would out for at least one more day...last time she said that he reminded me the next day that "the DR said he could not go back to school yet" and we spent the day at home NOT SICK!!!! You'd think that the school nurse would be in tune with the kids NOT wanting to go to school and Not mention anything to the parent in front of the child. My rationalization with my son was not a winner and when I commented that SHE IS NOT A DR. he just kept insisting she was. I will not budge tomorrow as he is playing the WI as we speak. I am going back in as Mondays are my long days and I will be there til 8-9pm. Just had to get this off my chest. Happy MONDAY

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