Monday, July 11, 2011

wow has life been busy

Things have been a blur this past month. Between school ending for the kids, the mini vacations that have been taken since school ended, we also had a death in the family that took us to Indiana this week. My Grandfather past away . He will be missed. There is nothing more devistating then the loss of a loved one, and I reflect on the missed opportunities, the letters, phone calls, trips that were never taken and think about the value of one's life. He was an inspiration to so many and an amazing man. Death has a way of forcing the living to look at how we are living our own lives and question am I living my life to my fullest potential? Making a difference? What would my obituary read? I was told that he could have continued to take medial actions that could very well have saved his life, but that he requested that these measures cease. He died on his terms with dignity. He was a man who truly lived a fully rewarding life that touched many. As I morn the loss of my Grandfather I will also reflect on what his life represented and the impact it had on so many. I miss you Grampa Jim.

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