Monday, May 17, 2010


what a busy weekend...This was my son's camporee for scouts. he was the only tiger in his pack to go on this EVERYTHING boy scouts weekend. Needless to say it was COLD, COLD, COLD...and no, I am not a boy scout and neither is my we were not BOY SCOUT prepared for the harsh environment...we didn't even have plates,cups or sliver wear to eat with. We did survive just the same...but well noted for future reference...warmer clothing, warmer sleeping bags and a mess kit is a must. We did have a state of the art tent...and I had to bring my full sized air mattress. When searching for a pump (which we did forget) I was told..."This isn't the GIRL SCOUTS..we sleep on the ground." again duly noted for future reference (MAKE SURE AIR PUMP IS IN SUPPLIES). The boys had a great time despite the cold, there was archery, bb shoot, monkey bridge, bottle rocket launch, a band, fireworks, and a whole host of activities. We had a really great time.

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