Sunday, June 21, 2009

lazy Sunday

I have been "collecting" blogs for the last few days and I am enjoying all of the art. You ladies are absolutely AMAZING! I am truly getting inspired. It is both Fathers day and my hubby's Birthday so I am leaving the day up to him, but i really want to sneak away and create. life has been crazy here. I found out a few weeks ago that my position will no longer be at the end of Aug. and with the economy the way it has been, we have all been a little stressed. Have had to make some serious decisions for myself and as I am always pondering over whats next as of this week I am planning on returning to school in the fall. My CTMH business has never truly been a career as i spend more on myself then I i cannot look to that as a source of income, I am hoping that it will force me to step up my game and maybe I can make it a true business. Here are some more layouts.....Disney World using Unforgettable and new Moon Doggie paper packs.

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